Tests show the iPhone 6 is not immune to .50-cal bullets


Ah, First World problems, you have way too many of the latest iPhone models lying around (basically the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus), where one is capable of putting them through some rather insane tests without blinking, while others in developing countries are willing to rent out their girlfriends for $1 an hour just to collect money to purchase the new iPhone. It is truly an upside down world, don’t you think so? Having said that, the iPhone 6 Plus has been pitted in a one-sided fight over at RatedRR’s firing range.

The pace of iPhone coverage has been a little relentless the last few weeks: first there was the announcement, then the reviews, then the laughing at idiots camping in lines for weeks. Now, the ultimate stress relief: watching Apple products get some .50-cal slow-motion loving. While we’ve certainly seen plenty of other videos of the Cupertino’s latest getting tortured in various creative (but faintly scientific) ways, nothing really rounds out the new-iPhone-frenzy in quite such an American fashion as shooting it in the desert. As you’d more or less expect when you put a 7.1mm smartphone against a bullet designed to kill small vehicles, there wasn’t much of the iPhone left after ‘testing’. One down, a couple million left to go.

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