Oculus VR is reportedly looking to develop a virtual reality controller


When it comes to the world of virtual reality devices, Oculus commands a big say in the market. One of the most notable products from Oculus is definitely the “Oculus Rift”, which eases the users into a virtual reality entertainment environment. The only shortcoming of the product is that it needs to get integrated with the other controllers from different manufacturers. The controllers are needed for the user in order to fire their guns and command other things in the entertainment mode. The shortcoming of Oculus Rift has been the center of discussion among the board members of the company lately and this is why we hear rumors about the exciting Virtual reality controller to be soon launched by Oculus.

Oculus‘ headset lets you look around virtual reality but requires integrations with unofficial controllers to move an avatar, fire weapons, or input other commands. But at tomorrow’s Oculus Connect virtual reality conference, sources say Oculus is expected to unveil an official controller or controller industry standard to make it easier for developers to build more complex games. Several developers have been placed under NDA regarding the conference’s big news, though sources could not confirm details. However, four sources told TechCrunch that a gamepad is what’s being whispered around the Los Angeles VR community. One developer told us that code in the new Oculus SDK implies some official controller or API for connecting the Rift headset to a gamepad is on the way. The news makes a lot of sense considering that earlier this year, Oculus acquired Carbon Design, which designed the Xbox 360 controller and the Kinect motion sensor. We’ve reached out to Oculus for comment.

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