NVIDIA’s has launched its LTE-enabled 32GB SHIELD Tablet


NVIDIA’s LTE-enabled 32GB SHIELD Tablet is finally available to purchase, though it won’t come cheap. The 8-inch device is available for $299 on-contract or $399 for an unlocked version that works on over 70 different carrier networks around the world including AT&T here in the U.S. The Wi-Fi only version sells for $299.

I just stepped into the future of gaming. Well, that’s not quite correct. I sampled one possible future: the one where you can take the power of your entire gaming PC absolutely anywhere. I walked into a Starbucks, grabbed a mocha, and sat down with my brand spanking new Nvidia Shield Tablet with LTE. Then, thanks to the magic of game streaming technology, I played Borderlands 2, Metal Gear Solid Rising: Revengance, and even Ultra Street Fighter IV in a coffee shop, miles and miles away from my home PC.

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