NHL is equipping hockey players with GoPro cameras


GoPro’s tiny cameras are about to make watching hockey a bit more interesting: this coming season, NHL games on NBC and Rogers will start cutting to point-of-view footage that’s been captured by GoPro cameras. Unfortunately, the footage won’t actually be live and from the game, instead, it’ll be prerecorded footage of select players demonstrating what it’s like to be in specific situations.

We’ve seen GoPro cameras attached to skydivers, lions, and sharks. Next up: Professional hockey players. AdWeek reports that the NHL will use footage that it filmed from the helmets, masks, and jerseys of players during TV broadcasts and on its website this season. The league rounded up some of its top stars earlier this year and recorded the GoPro footage for promotional campaigns. But it also plans on using the same POV clips during live game broadcasts if it makes sense to show that GoPro angle.

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