More details about the BlackBerry Classic have been leaked


It looks as though much has been leaked concerning the upcoming BlackBerry Classic smartphone, and if all of that are not enough for you, then it would be ideal for you to check out yet another leak of the BlackBerry Classic as you can see above. The BlackBerry Classic is certainly shaping up to be quite a unique device, where it will feature a tool belt that comes complete with Call, Menu, Back and End buttons, alongside a microSD memory card slot for expansion purposes.

BlackBerry will soon release another budget BlackBerry 10 QWERTY smartphone with hopes of recapturing past users. The Classic will sport a 3.5-inch LCD, 2515mAh battery, Aluminum frame, rubberized back material – like Z10, and as previously noted an 8MP Camera.The navigation of full UI with the TrackPad on the toolbelt is like legacy devices. The BlackBerry key brings up the short menu (we’ll have more on that later). Thankfully, DTBlackBerry and @DHabkirk (C0001DB0D) teamed up with us to bring you a high quality gallery of images, in an N4BB exclusive.

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