Microsoft accidentally releases “Windows TH” preview


Microsoft is expected to name its upcoming Windows release next week, but the company has accidentally listed a “Windows TH” site a little early today. Windows TH presumably stands for Windows Threshold, the codename of what many expect will become Windows 9. On a “Windows Technical Preview for Enterprise” site, Microsoft lists the Windows TH name, alongside details on “the next version of the Windows client operating system.” While Microsoft will detail Windows Threshold on Tuesday at an event in San Francisco, the company isn’t expected to release a preview of the operating system until early October.

Microsoft is set to talk about the next version of Windows, codename Threshold and currently known as Windows 9, on Tuesday, September 30th. However, earlier today, Microsoft accidentally published the Windows Technical Preview website, giving us a quick peek at what to expect. First, the website revealed the name “Windows TH”, which is most likely a placeholder until the official name is unveiled. Secondly, the Windows Technical Preview website revealed Microsoft’s focus for Enterprises which aims to “provide users with a familiar experience across multiple devices while enhancing security and manageability.” The website (which has since been taken offline) featured download links for Windows Technical Preview (which were not active yet), indicating that there will be a x86 and x64 version available for download. While we had no doubt that Microsoft would offer a x86 and x64 version, we now know that they will weigh 3.16GB and 4.10GB respectively. So get ready for a large download!

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