Internet Explorer 11 is quickly gaining market share


A lot of people give Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser a lot of grief, and in all fairness earlier builds of Internet Explorer left a lot to be desired, thus giving alternative browsers such as Firefox and Chrome room to grow. That being said, Microsoft has made strides with Internet Explorer and thanks to the latest numbers from Net Applications, it shows that IE11’s market share has grown. As it stands, IE8 continues to dominate the market as it is the default browser on Windows 7, an operating system which still commands the lion’s share of the market.

Every month, Net Application reveals the market share of desktop browsers and operating systems. A moment ago we saw a spike in the market share of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, and now is the time to check how various browsers fared in the month of August. Internet Explorer has continued its dominance in the browser space. Internet Explorer 8, the default browser in Windows 7 (which has over 50% market share in the OS space) now has 21.4% market share (down from 21.56% from a month earlier). Whereas, the current version of Microsoft’s desktop browser, Internet Explorer 11 is quickly closing the gap for the top spot with 17.45% market share (up from 16.78% from a month earlier). Mozilla Firefox’s version 31 now has 10.51% users, up from 9.27% users who were on the version 30 as of July. Google Chrome 36 is the third most popular browser as of currently, with 11.04% share. Internet Explorer 10 has lost a few users, sliding from 6.26 percent to 6.18 percent, whereas Internet Explorer 6, the default browser in Windows XP still has 3.33% users. Other browsers and different builds account for 20.75%.

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