BlackBerry wants to release at least one “unconventional” phone annually


The BlackBerry Passport definitely isn’t a run-of-the-mill smartphone. The Canadian company took some big chances with its new handset, and it looks like that may have already paid off. Now BlackBerry says it plans to release at least one new “unconventional device” per year. Speaking to Reuters, BlackBerry device chief Ron Louks said the company plans to take even more risks moving forward. That means following up the Passport with at least one exciting new gadget in 2015. 

Even as BlackBerry pivots to focus more on software and services, the company that gained fame for its smartphones is not giving up on its handset business, two senior executives said. After recording a gross profit from its weakened handset operation and with roughly 50 million people globally still using its older-generation BlackBerry phones, there is potential in that business, the executives said. Their remarks came during a frenetic week when BlackBerry reported a much smaller-than-expected loss and launched its square-screened Passport device. Ron Louks, who heads BlackBerry’s devices arm, said now that the company had pared losses, it could afford to take some risks and look at introducing at least one unconventional device each year. “When it comes to design and being a little bit disruptive, we want that ‘wow’ factor,” Louks said. “Not all of the products will have it, but we definitely have opportunities.”


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