Amazon has unveiled several new e-readers and tablets


Amazon made a big news splash late in the day Wednesday when it introduced two new Kindle eReaders, four new Fire tablets ,and Fire OS 4.0 “Sangria.” There’s even a tablet that should be perfect for kids. Let’s dive in. First up is the Kindle Voyage, a brand new high-end eReader that’s priced at $199. That’s not exactly cheap but any standards these days, but Amazon promises it offers the best experience yet thanks to a super sharp display with a 300ppi, a thinner design, an adaptive front-light that’s 39 percent brighter than ever before, while also being the smallest Amazon has ever employed, and PagePress, a feature that allows you to turn the page by tapping the side bezel. Inc. introduced a handful of new devices, including a $100 tablet aimed at the masses and a high-end electronic-reader that the company says is the closest e-reading experience to plain paper. The $200 Kindle Voyage is the thinnest Amazon e-reader so far and has a magnesium body. Its flush display is much higher in pixel density and 39% brighter than Amazon’s $100 Kindle Paperwhite, making it easier on the eyes, especially in direct sunlight, the company said. The screen’s texture even looks slightly speckled, reminiscent of high-quality paper fiber. The Kindle Voyage, which includes unlimited 3G cellular connectivity, runs the same software as Kindle Paperwhite readers and a new $80 touch-screen Kindle, which are made of plastic. Amazon expects that the audience for the Kindle Voyage will be smaller than for the less-expensive models, said David Limp, Amazon’s senior vice president in charge of Kindle devices. The point of the new model is to be the best single-purpose e-reader possible, he said. “When we show it to customers—the ones who love reading—it’s difficult to get it out of their hands,” Mr. Limp said.

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