The Galaxy S4 Google Play edition has disappeared from the Play Store


There are some of us out there who do not really mind using a smartphone which is one generation behind in terms of technology, as long as it fits our needs and purposes. For those who are rocking to the Android platform, you would most probably know that the Google Play Store does carry a fair number of devices on its own, including Google Play edition devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play edition. Unfortunately, it seems as though the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play edition has completely disappeared all of a sudden from the Google Play Store!

Just a quick heads up, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play edition has been removed from the Google Play Store. We’ve seen devices removed in the past, only to return later in the day, so we’re not sure how “final” this might be. We should point out the the phone is still listed under Google Play Support’s country availability page, but given it’s already been a little over a year since Samsung first announced the Galaxy S4 GPe, we’d imagine the handset has been finally put out to pasture. It was only a few weeks back Google thinned out the number of GPe devices on Google Playafter the sudden removal of Sony Z Ultra, LG G Pad 8.3, and the original HTC One (M7). Currently there are only 2 Google Play edition devices left standing: the HTC One M8 Google Play edition and the Motorola Moto G Google Play edition. As it stands, the fate of Google Play edition devices hangs in the balance. For the uninitiated, Google Play edition devices are smartphones and tablets free from the usual user interface customizations offered by manufacturers. A stock Android experience as it were, similar to what we find on Google’s own Nexus devices. Not too long ago there was rumors of Google replacing the program with Android Silver, essentially the same idea, but one that would see near-stock Android variants offered on-contract by major US carriers. Unfortunately, it seems the man spearheading the Android Silver initiative recently left Google for SoftBank.

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  1. This happen with dozens of Android phone. Few are upgraded since they are cut off.
    apple iPhones and iPads life expectancy is much longer and updates are flawless.
    That is why there are so good resale value

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