HP has unveiled an Android and iOS compatible luxury smartwatch


Despite their utility, smartwatches remain a geeky niche item thanks to a certain lack of je ne sais quoi. However, HP is partnering with a retailer called Gilt to build an Android and iOS compatible smartwatch that may finally tick the style box, thanks to US designer Michael Bastian. He’ll take care of the design, which will feature a circular, 44mm stainless steel case and three swappable bands: black rubber, brown leather, olive green nylon and a limited edition black.

Another day, another smartwatch launch? After June presented us with new designs from tech companies including Withings and Google, the latest entrant to the fray comes from a somewhat surprising team: Michael Bastian, Gilt and Hewlett-Packard. The whole thing came about when HP reached out to Gilt with the idea of working with a fashion designer on a web-enabled timepiece; the flash sale site brought Bastian to the table, and the group worked together to design the final product. As you might guess, HP handled the tech, while Bastian tackled the external design, which is meant to call to mind the interior of a luxury car. (Like…the dashboard to your life.) The watch syncs up with an app — it’s compatible with both iOS and Android — allowing the wearer to receive email and text message notifications, control music remotely and check weather, stocks and sports updates. It hits Gilt this fall, although the price hasn’t been set just yet. Fashion-minded wearables succeed when the shape and technology are clearly designed in tandem — they don’t when they’re not — and that does seem to be the case here. We’re excited to see the watches when they’re more than just renderings, but these already look like they’ll fit nicely within the existing men’s watch market.

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