Coin has apologized for delaying its smart card


The makers of a digital credit card replacement device named Coin had some bad news for its early supporters yesterday. After months of work, the company was forced to push back its release date at the last minute from this summer to next spring as it tries to finalize the hardware. And Coin said the best it could offer its early supporters was a non-final beta version of the hardware this fall.

Only a day after announcing that the finished product would be delayed from this summer to next spring, Coin has some good news for backers who pre-ordered the credit card replacement device last fall. Coin will extend its beta program to 15,000 backers from the 10,000 backers it initially announced on Friday, according to an email sent to backers on Saturday afternoon. But that’s not all. While Friday’s announcement stated that backers could opt into the Coin Beta program and afterward receive the finalized Coin product for $30, Saturday’s Coin letter states that the upgrade from the Coin Beta product to the finalized device will be free.

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