Apple’s iWatch reportedly won’t ship until next year


Not too long ago, we brought you word from an analyst who claims that the upcoming Apple iWatch, which is deemed to be a unicorn-like device of sorts, will not ship until the year 2015. Could that particular analyst be on the right track? After all, there is a report from Recode that cites unnamed sources which tout the potentially revolutionary device will arrive in the market some time in early 2015, which means there will be no iWatch reveal this coming September 9th, and in other words, Apple will also give this year’s key holiday selling season a miss.

If you were hoping for an iWatch this holiday season, you might need to change your wish list. Following reports that Apple will be announcing the iPhone 6 and its first wearable device on Sept. 9, comes news that the company won’t actually start shipping wearable device referred to as the ‘iWatch’ till early 2015. “Sources in position to know tell me it won’t arrive at market for a few months,” says Re/code’s John Paczkowski, who first correctly reported that Apple would be holding an event on Sept. 9 and later that it would be announcing the iWatch on that date too. “So when does Apple plan to ship its eagerly anticipated wearable?” he asks. “That’s not clear, but my understanding is that we’re unlikely to see it at retail until after the holiday season — think early 2015.” It wouldn’t be too unusual for Apple to ship a completely new device months after announcing it. When Steve Jobs first announced the iPhone on Jan. 9, 2007, it didn’t start shipping till six months later, on June 29, 2007.

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