Android is still dominating the US smartphone market


The latest market share numbers from analytics outfit comScore are available today, which means it’s time to take our regular three month look at how Android is doing in the US mobile market. Today it’s mostly good news for Android as a whole, and of course for worldwide leader Samsung. When it comes to overall US market share, Android now holds 51.9 percent of the US market. While that is a 0.3 percent decline over the three months period ending in March, Android still leads second place holder Apple, who holds 42.1 percent of the market now, a 0.7 percent increase over previous numbers.

Android’s hold on the smartphone market remains strong in the United States as Google’s platform topped market share in the country over the last three months. However, Android’s share of the platform market in the States did fall slightly, while nearest rival iOS recorded a slight jump in popularity. In terms of overall market share in the United States, Android snaffled up more than half, with 50.9% in favour of the platform. That is a slight slip on the previous quarter (three month period ending March), when Android had 0.3% more of a share with 51.2%. That drop seems to have been Apple?s gain, with the company’s iOS up 0.7% from last quarter and now accounting for 42.1% of the market. The data taken by ComScore also reveals that Microsoft’s market share grew nominally (0.1% from the last quarter) with Windows Phone now making up 3.4% of the space. Blackberry’s hold on the mobile market has of course lessened in recent times and the company’s share of the US market continued to drop, now sitting at 2.4%, down 0.3% from last time. Rounding out the list is the now almost defunct Symbian, with just 0.1% of the market running Nokia’s old OS.

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