An official Reddit app has arrived on the Xbox One


The internet’s front page is coming to an Xbox One near you. ReddX is what Microsoft is calling the first ever Reddit app for TVs and it’ll allow you to browse through r/gaming or the rest of the site while you’re, you know, playing games, and it’s rolling out today. A post on Xbox Wire notes that there are media-specific achievements to unlock that are named after gaming memes and there’s even a customized main page. More than that, you’ll be able to upvote, comment and perform any of the site’s functions while holding an Xbox One controller or SmartGlass device. You can also control GIFs, view image galleries and even watch embedded YouTube videos without leaving the app, and, because it’s on the Xbox One it can of course be snapped in alongside something else and is controllable with voice.

A dedicated Reddit app for the Xbox One called ReddX is rolling out now to Xbox Live members in the U.S. and Canada, Microsoft announced today. ReddX on Xbox One app, which can be Snapped to the side of the screen, allows users to browse, submit and interact with subreddits and a customized main page on their consoles. Players can view and zoom in on Reddit content such as text, images, videos and GIFs. The app opens the ability to upvote, downvote or comment on a thread using either the Xbox One controller, media remote or Xbox SmartGlass app. Photos can be saved as a users profile, while images can be saved as the ReddX app background. There are also meme-named media achievements that can be unlocked using the app. Xbox Live’s Larry Hryb’s posted the first console-created Reddit thread ahead of its launch. Microsoft also outlined new features coming to the Twitch app on Xbox One. The new “watch with friends” feature allows users to see and watch what Twitch channels their friends are viewing. The section displays what content up to six friends are watching. An optional feature addition uses the Kinect to follow and zoom on a user’s face while broadcasting and audio can now be captured from a user’s headset. MTV is also launching on the Xbox One in the U.S. tomorrow. The app offers sneak peeks, bonus clips, culture news, behind-the scenes segments and full episodes from select MTV series for those with a TV subscription.

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