Amazon has doubled the storage capacity of the Kindle Paperwhite


Fans of Amazon e-reader the Kindle Paperwhite probably won’t be getting a device update in the near future, but the company is upgrading the existing model. Amazon decided to upgrade the Paperwhite from 2GB of storage to 4GB, according to The Digital Reader, which first spotted the spec change. For consumers, the upgrade means you’ll be able to keep around 2,000 ebooks on the device instead of 1,000.

Head on over to the Amazon product page for the Kindle Paperwhite and you may spot the message telling you that there’s a newer version of the glow-in-the-dark e-reader available. That’s because the retailer has quietly doubled the internal storage of the device from 2GB on the 2013 model to 4GB on this year’s edition. In a statement to our friends over at The Digital Reader, the bookseller admitted that the storage had increased, but that it doesn’t consider this new Paperwhite to be a new product. So, if you were finding that 2GB simply wasn’t enough to hold your enormous e-book collection, you know where to go.

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