Verizon’s pre-paid mobile plans now include 4G LTE


If you’ve been put off Verizon’s prepaid mobile plans in the past, due to a lack of fast 4G LTE data, it could be time to take another look. The network has announced that anyone selecting one of its Allset plans can now use a 4G phone, and take advantage of faster data speeds without the need for a lengthy contract. You won’t be limited to only purchasing a phone through Verizon either. If you’ve got an old 4G phone through them, this can be reconnected, saving you the considerable expense of buying a new one. However, if you don’t have a Verizon phone just laying around, then Verizon will sell you the LG Lucid 3 for $200, or the LG G2 for $300. These prices are only for a limited time though.

Two weeks ago, we exclusively reported that Verizon would introduce 4G LTE connectivity to its ALLSET prepaid plan starting July 17. Today, Verizon made it official. After keeping 4G LTE out of its prepaid plans for years, Big Red will now allow you to “bring your own device” to ALLSET and not have to worry about contracts. Even XLTE-ready devices will work with ALLSET going forward. The plan works like this – $45 will get you unlimited talk and text, plus 500MB of data. If you want more data, you can pay for BRIDGE DATA at $5 for another 500MB, $10 for 1GB, or $20 for 3GB. BRIDGE DATA expires after a certain amount of days if you don’t use it ($5 data after 30 days, $10 and $20 after 90 days). You can add up to two BRIDGE DATA packages at a time. If you sign-up for auto pay, Verizon will also give you another 500MB of data at no cost. With Verizon ALLSET, you can essentially pick and choose the data package that would work best for you, like say the base plan (500MB), with auto pay (free 500MB), and $20 in BRIDGE DATA (3GB), which would give you 4GB of data for $65. That’s not bad. Verizon will also make a select number of devices available for prepaid, like the Moto X, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, and HTC One. But again, if you already own a Verizon 4G LTE device, you can activate it on ALLSET prepaid, starting this Thursday. From what I can tell, there isn’t a catch to ALLSET. For example, you should see full 4G LTE speeds and have no limitations. Any takers?

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