Ubuntu Touch has passed 100,000 app downloads without being released


Now this is definitely an interesting statistic no matter how you look at it – Ubuntu Touch, a mobile operating system platform that is ready, technically speaking, for a commercial release, has already hit the 100,000 app downloads mark. While this is far too small compared to the 1 billion downloads that Temple Run has achieved earlier this year, one ought to take into consideration that Ubuntu Touch itself has yet to ship on any other devices to date.

More than 100,000 apps have been downloaded from the Ubuntu for devices software store, despite physical hardware running the OS yet to go on sale. Canonical say that number “represents new app installs and updates”, making the 100k figure the cumulative total of applications downloaded, installed and subsequently updated. While they don’t go on to break down the figures in the respective types, the number could represent, as a rough example, 10,000 users installing 5 apps each, that they then update just once, and so on. Most of the brave Ubuntu Touch users we know do tend to have a lot more than 5 apps installed, and that the development nature of the platform means most apps are updated very frequently, the number is perhaps a little misleading.

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