Twitter is about to make it a lot easier to delete Direct Messages


Direct Message or DM is an integral part of the Twitter experience. If you are on Twitter chances are that you might have sent a DM once or twice and you may have also noticed that its not that easy to delete DMs. Twitter is available across a variety of platforms but if you delete a DM conversation on one platform its likely that it would still be available on another. The microblogging network knows that this is a problem and has promised to fix it in the near future. Twitter announced via a tweet, naturally, that over the next few weeks it is going to roll out an update which will make it much more consistent to delete DMs across web and mobile.

Wth more and more people using Twitter’s DM (Direct Messages) feature as a chat service, the company is working to upgrade the experience. Access to your entire history is a great way to keep track of what you’ve said to friends and family without having to launch the social network’s site on your computer. The company also tweeted that it was rolling out updates to make deleting DMs “more consistent across web and mobile.” In the tweet it linked to a support page about deleting and posting DMs. The page notes that the company is working on “back-end elements” of its messaging system. While a new messaging app seems to appear everyday, Twitter is in a unique position with DMs. It already has a large user base and a messaging feature. Today’s announcement could be the start of making that feature more robust to compete with the latest chatting apps.

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