This developer published an app on the Nokia App Store while paragliding


When it comes to coding apps and publishing them, we’re pretty sure that most of the time the apps are coded and published behind a desk, at an office or at home, depending on your work situation. However it seems that in an effort to draw attention to the Nokia Apps Store and show just how quick and easy it is to publish apps for its Nokia X smartphones, Nokia has kicked off a contest called the Xtreme Coding Challenge. Basically it tasks developers to publish their apps in as extreme conditions as possible. It sounds like a gimmick but it makes for good entertainment, as we can see in the first video released by Nokia.

Nokia’s on a mission to let developers know how easy it is to publish apps to the Nokia Apps Store with a very eye-opening contest. Dubbed the Xtreme Coding Challenge, they’ve invited developers to publish apps in extreme conditions. The developer in their first highlight jumped off the side of a mountain in Rio De Janeiro with a 3G-equipped laptop strapped to his chest and ended up publishing an app within 6 minutes, all before he landed. The fact that he didn’t have any experience gliding is even more ridiculous to think about. Of course, he wasn’t responsible for actually steering himself while doing all this as the paragliding instructor attached to his back likely handled all that, but impressive nonetheless. Nokia’s decision to skip the Google Play Store in favor of their own marketplace for Nokia Xdevices has left them in the dust in terms of readily available apps, so it’s no wonder they have to go to these measures to get the attention of developers. We’re not sure any sane developer will ever need the ability to publish apps within 6 minutes while they’re gliding in mid-air, but it’s nice to know that it can be done.

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