The OnePlus One will reportedly feature a wooden backplate option


The OnePlus One is a great handset from what we can tell based on reviews and its hardware specs. However if there’s one thing that marred this otherwise great phone is the fact that it is so hard to get your hands on one. This is due to the weird invitation-only system that OnePlus has in place to ensure that they are able to keep up with the demand for the phones. That being said, it seems that OnePlus could be teasing some customization options for the handset. In a recent Twitter post by the company, they teased “Knock on wood” for the 22nd of July. It is unclear what this could mean, but some have speculated that it could mean that a wooden backplate option for the OnePlus One could be announced then.

At what point are consumers pushed past the breaking point? For anyone still waiting to acquire an invite to purchase theOne from OnePlus, these must be frustrating times for you. For that, we are sorry. Regardless of your frustration with the situation, OnePlus has taken to Twitter, teasing an upcoming announcement for a phone which is still not completely available. Wood backs, anyone? When the device was first announced, we knew that additional interchangeable backsides would be made available, but did not know exactly when that would be. According to the tweet, OnePlus may announce these new backsides on July 22, knock on wood. Besides wood, users are also expecting to see other backs, created from various materials like denim and kevlar. While you still can’t buy the phone without an invite, don’t give up quite yet. OnePlus could be ready to start selling the One at any point, once they are given the green light. Keep your head up if this phone is still on your shopping list.

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