Power up your firsts with the new iPunch smart combat gloves


Back in the day, getting good at sports simply meant keeping at it until you got better. Or you could hire a coach. However nowadays thanks to technology, we can use it to improve our game via smartphone apps, sensors, and so on. Now if you’re particularly interested in boxing, you might be interested in an Indiegogo campaign for a pair of gloves which is calling itself iPunch. The gloves have been dubbed as “smart combat gloves” and basically it helps to improve your boxing. While we doubt it will be able to transform you into the next UFC champion or the next Mike Tyson, it should help improve your boxing to the point where you can avoid common mistakes and rookie errors, resulting in a better sparring experience.

You know that carnival game where you hit a pad with a big sledgehammer to see if you can shoot a metal weight up a pole to ring a bell? In my world, that’s known as “the one game I avoid” at amusement parks, but for other, more burly types, strength-proving activities can actually be fun. If you’re that type, you might want to check out a new set of “smart combat gloves” known as iPunch, that takes the principle of the strongman carnival game and applies it to boxing. The gloves, which are currently seeking funding on Indiegogo, have sensors in them that track how hard you punch and then deliver that information to an app on your iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth. According to Wired.com, the gloves have two types of sensors: an impact sensor and a three-axis motion sensor that work in concert to analyze the type of punches you throw, and their overall impact force. You can track a training session yourself by reviewing the collected data when you’re done beating the stuffing out of a heavy bag (or out of your hands), or a coach can hold your smartphone and give you instant feedback as you’re pounding away. There are also training programs built into the app that tell you which types of punches to throw during a set period of time or that let you compete against a friend by throwing your three best punches and seeing who’s got more game.

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