Oracle builds on its BlueKai acquisition to create the Data Cloud


Oracle is combining its BlueKai consumer data aggregation platform with other parts of its catalog to create Oracle Data Cloud, a data-as-a-service offering aimed at companies that want to reach customers and prospects across multiple channels. As part of Data Cloud, Oracle is offering two services. The first is Oracle DaaS for Marketing, a subscription-based product that provides access to large pools of anonymized user data. Oracle is also introducing DaaS for Social, which “delivers categorization and enrichment of unstructured social and enterprise data, providing unprecedented intelligence on customers, competitors, and market trends,” according to a statement.

A while back there was a flurry of activity around enterprise software giants buying up social media and mobile analytics firms left and right, and the fruits of those deals continue to drop. The latest one comes from Oracle, which unveiled a new Software-as-a-Service (or rather, “Data-as-a-Service”) offering for social and marketing purposes. Dubbed the Oracle Data Cloud, the platform merges some of the company’s existing data services with its recently acquired BlueKai Audience Data Marketplace to tap into more external data sources around operations and customer experience. In February, Oracle made an undisclosed offer for BlueKai and its data management platform used by marketers to personalize marketing campaigns. Customers will have two options. The first is Oracle DaaS for Marketing, providing anonymous user-level data stemming from validated offline, online, and mobile data sources. The Marketing DaaS includes access to more than one billion profiles worldwide as well as a collective of more than 300 data and activation partners. The second option is Oracle DaaS for Social, which focuses more on unstructured data. Nevertheless, the Social DaaS is designed to gather and turn around information into business trends and insights from more than 700 million social messages across more than 40 million social media and news data sites daily.

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