OnePlus is reportedly working on an affordable, high-end tablet


OnePlus is having a hard enough time shipping the OnePlus One smartphone but now it appears that the company is also building a tablet. The device name was spilled by Evleaks, which published an image of the OnePlus website that refers to the device as the “OnePlus Tab.” OnePlus made its name by cramming high-end specs into an affordable smartphone that it dubbed a “flagship killer.” Unfortunately, the company hasn’t been able to open up orders to the mainstream yet. In fact, one winner of a free OnePlus One accidentally received an empty box, which probably isn’t a great way to build a fan base. We suspect the company will try the very same strategy in the tablet market. For now, though, we don’t have any details on what the device will offer.

OnePlus spent the majority of the first half of 2014 teasing its One smartphone. The OnePlus One was officially revealed in April and since then users have started receiving invitations to buy a unit. So what does OnePlus have planned now that it’s officially selling its smartphone to the masses? It may be a tablet. An image posted by @evleaks claims to show an alpha version of the OnePlus website from June 29. If you look carefully at the line of links near the top of the page, you can see a “OnePlus Tab” entry in-between the “OnePlus One” and “Accessories” links. Unfortunately, that’s all that we know about the OnePlus Tab right now. The name suggests that it’s some sort of tablet, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the device ended up running CyanogenMod like its smartphone sibling. For now we’ll just have to speculate about what this OnePlus Tab could be, but considering how OnePlus managed to create a flagship smartphone for just $299, it’ll definitely be interesting to see if it can pull it off again with a tablet. What features would you like to see from a OnePlus Tab?

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