OnePlus has confirmed that its smartphone will run on Android L


OnePlus announced this morning that its flagship One smartphone, announced last April, will be updated to run the latest Android L operating system within 90 days of Google shipping the final release of the software. This news comes less than a few weeks after HTC confirmed that the One M7 and One M8 will also receive Android L within 90 days of the final build. Android L is currently available as a developer preview for the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 devices, with a public release expected later this year.

Ever since Android L was introduced at Google I/O last month, the question that’s been on the mind of most Android users is “When will I get a piece of that?” HTC already confirmed that its flagships will get the L update, and today we can add another device to the list of hardware that’ll make the jump. OnePlus has announced in its official forums that the OnePlus One will indeed be updated to Android L. As for when the update will be released, well, that’s on Google. OnePlus says that it promises to push the update out “within three months” of Google’s release of the final Android L build. The OnePlus One is a flagship phone that was released fairly recently, so it’s not terribly surprising to learn that it’ll be bumped up to Android L. It’s good to get confirmation of the update plans from OnePlus itself, though, and it’s also nice that the company has given a timeframe in which users can expect the update to be pushed by.

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