Microsoft will be hosting its Nokia Con event in Japan on July 27th


The Windows Phone platform is slowly being embraced in various parts of the world in various markets, however if there is one market which is stubbornly refusing to accept Windows Phone, it would be Japan. We have heard how the platform’s market share in Japan is less than 1%, and that local carriers have revealed that they have no plans to carry Windows Phone either, which definitely does not help Microsoft’s case. However it seems that Microsoft is planning on doing something about it, which is why hosting an event that will be held in Tokyo on the 27th of July called Nokia Con. Basically it’s an event that will show off Nokia Lumia Windows Phone handsets and provide attendees with hands-on experiences with the Windows Phone platform, in hopes that it will make converts out of a few of them.

Windows Phone isn’t really doing that well in Japan, and it never has. The situation is so dire, in fact, that Microsoft’s mobile operating system may only have between 0 and 1% market share in that particular country. The software giant would obviously like those numbers to grow, and it may have just unveiled what could be its first step in that direction. The company will hold an event in Tokyo on July 27. It’s called Nokia Con and it’s apparently going to allow willing fans to get some hands-on experience with a few Windows Phones. The event will be hosted by mobile phone market expert Yamane Yasuhiro, and it’s unclear which exact Nokia models will be showcased. If you’re a Windows Phone fan in Japan, though, this is probably one thing you don’t want to miss. You can register to attend at the Source link below. It’s free. Interestingly, there are only 60 places for attendees (of which 49 have already been filled at the time of this article being written). This simply comes to reiterate how small Nokia and Windows Phone really are in Japan. Maybe with more outreach efforts like this one their market share will improve in the future, but that may take quite a while if Microsoft is only doing things 60 people at a time.

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