Microsoft is adding 3D Blu-ray support to the Xbox One


When the Xbox One console was released back in November some customers were not to happy to find out that the console’s Blu-ray player couldn’t play 3D Blu-rays. Its not that the hardware wasn’t capable of doing this, it was a software thing. Fortunately Microsoft has now thought that its about time this feature was opened up. The company has confirmed that Xbox One 3D Blu-ray support is coming through a software update in August. Xbox One gets that feature ahead of the PlayStation 4 which still can’t play 3D Blu-rays. Apart from this the August Xbox One update is also going to bring a handful of social features. The Activity Feed interface will change to a single column scrolling list which is larger and would include more content. Users get the ability to post text on their feed, like and comment on feed items, share game clips and more. Each users gets a personal feed on their profile.

Microsoft has announced its next update for the Xbox One, which will include remote download features, upgrades to the activity feed, and 3D Blu-ray functionality. Update 1408 will begin rolling out next week for early access users, and will include long-awaited 3D Blu-ray playback. It will also give you the ability to remotely download games and apps purchased through and SmartGlass, but only when your console is set to automatically turn on. Upgrades to the activity feed include changing the interface to a single column list with more content, allowing users to post and like comments on their feed, as well as the ability to post game clips on your feed to share with friends. The update also features upgrades to controller software. A notification will appear on-screen when you’re running low on battery, and the controller now vibrates when the Xbox button is held down long enough. Xbox says that some of the features in the update were inspired by its newly implemented Xbox Feedback channel, where users had the ability to say what they wanted next from Xbox. No specific date is given for the update’s release. Microsoft only that early access users will be seeing them first, starting next week, while everyone else will be getting them sometime in the “next month and beyond.” More details on the update are available on Xbox’s site. 3D Blu-ray functionality is huge. Are you excited for this update? Let us know in the comments.

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