Leaked images of the Xiaomi Mi4 have appeared online


It goes without saying that smartphones these days are getting larger sized screens, especially among the flagship models, despite having a thinner and ever thinner chassis. Of course, there is another aspect to the smartphone’s display that takes off in the same direction as that of a slim TV – narrower bezels. Xiaomi looks as though they are headed in a similar direction to boot with the alleged Xiaomi Mi4 that you see on the right. Spotted in a photo, this is said to be the sequel to the existing flagship device known as the Xiaomi Mi3, the first Tegra 4 smartphone in the market that sold a whopping 100,000 units in a matter of 86 seconds. Well, what does this alleged flagship update come with?

The Xiaomi Mi4 has been leaked once or twice, sometimes for real, sometimes as a fake, but today we get a pretty authentic looking leak. You can check out the device below, shown in full splendor with a very slim bezel. We’re pretty close to the release of this new model, that has been due for a while now, since other major companies have already debuted flagships, gone below 6 mm in thickness or gone QHD. Previous reports mentioned that the newcomer would have 4G LTE connectivity and a unibody metal design. There should be a new and powerful unreleased quad core processor, as well as a 16 megapixel camera on board with large aperture. There will be software that optimizes the camera experience, according to the same source. Still, the super narrow edge of the screen is looking mighty sexy in these pics. The screen hasn’t exactly been detailed, aside from the potential 5 inch Retina-style display. As far as the mystery CPU is concerned, it may end up being the Snapdragon 805 or maybe a new 64 bit chip?

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