HTC denies leaking its own smartwatch in a video


It was not too long ago that a promotional video by HTC that you can view above was touted to deliver a peek into what could very well be a possible HTC smartwatch, an accessory that is starting to take the world of wearable tech by storm with many different manufacturers working on their own versions. HTC has been quick to move and squash such rumors and speculation, citing that the watch which was seen in the video above is not an actual product.

Two days ago we posted an article asking if HTC had leaked its own Android Wear powered smartwatch in a design video posted to the company’s YouTube account back on July 9. Well we now have an official statement from HTC on the matter that definitively answers that question. No. HTC did not leak its own Android Wear smartwatch. It was definitely a smartwatch, but not a real one. Or at least not one that is going to go into production. From HTC: “HTC encourages our design team to explore and tinker with new ideas and even models, as is the case with the watch some viewers noticed in our recent HTC Design video. It in no way indicates an actual product HTC is planning to release. Keep an eye on this space for exciting new products from HTC when they are ready to be announced!” So there you have it. HTC is still making an Android Wear watch, but they didn’t acci-purposely leak it. At least that’s what they are saying.

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