Google isn’t all too pleased by Samsung’s Tizen-powered smartwatches


You would think that Google and Samsung would have an awesome relationship with one another. After all, Samsung is the biggest Android OEM to date and we guess to a certain extent can be thanked for getting Android into as many hands as possible. Unfortunately the reality is that both companies aren’t as close as we’d like to think. According to a recent report from The Information, it seems that Google isn’t too pleased by Samsung’s choice of using Tizen to power their wearable devices. Despite Samsung launching the Gear Live which runs on Google’s Android Wear, Google’s CEO Larry Page wasn’t too thrilled that Samsung had invested more into Tizen than Android Wear, as evidenced by Samsung’s other wearables such as the Gear 2 and Gear Fit.

Partnerships in the mobile industry can be a bit odd. Companies often have altercations and even sue each other for insane amounts of money, but ultimately they have to keep working together. Google and Samsung do relatively well in their friendship, but reports say they are not doing so well right now. Google and Samsung are said to be arguing over their smartwatch business practices. More specifically, Google CEO Larry Page is said to not be very fond of Samsung putting more effort into their own Tizen platform than the new Android Wear ecosystem. The report claims there is a “tense private meeting” between Page and Samsung Vice Chairman Jay Y. Lee. It seems conflicts of interest will always be a problem. And it makes sense, Samsung is Google’s biggest partner – their new ventures and interest in Tizen are something to worry about. The problem here is that Samsung is pushing their Tizen line much stronger. Can Google really complain much, though? For starters, they are breaking no rules, as far as we know. Google can only hope that Samsung will want to cooperate with them. It’s also important to note Samsung did release an Android Wear device… a very good one, at that. It does follow the same design as the Gear 2, meaning Samsung didn’t really create a completely new device to feature Google’s new wearable platform. So far the Gear Live is the most affordable Android Wear device around, and it’s not one bit inferior. In fact, some may prefer it over the LG G Watch.

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