CyanogenMod ROM has arrived on the HTC One Max and the Oppo Find 7


The CyanogenMod ROM has arrived on a couple of new devices as the nightly version of the platform has landed on the HTC One Max and the Oppo Find 7. The Oppo Find 7 has started shipping recently and the quad core smartphone is an upgrade to the original Find 7a, a smartphone that already had CyanogenMod nightly support. It was expected that the newer handset would also get the ROM and so it as proved with the code for the Find 7 being merged with the older Find 7a. The HTC One Max is getting its support for the first time and comes with three different code versions depending on variant. You can check out which is which at the source.

Some lucky devices are getting their first official taste of that sweet, sweet CyanogenMod ROM action today with the addition of nightly support for the HTC One Max and the Oppo Find 7. The old Kindle Fire is also getting some love with a new platform variant for improved support going forward. The situation with the OG Kindle Fire (codename Otter) is a little confusing. CyanogenMod has been running on this device for some time, but the device’s partition limitations have slowed development. So the OtterX project will deploy a new bootloader, partition setup, and support for f2fs. This will be the only version of Otter maintained going forward, and there will be instructions soon on converting an Otter Fire into OtterX. The Oppo Find 7 is the speedier quad-HD resolution version of the previously supported Find 7a. Now that the Find 7 is actually shipping, it makes sense to support it. The code for this device is being merged into the regular Find 7a ROM, so now it supports both versions of the phone. The HTC One Max is a newly supported phone, but it is not without complications. There are three different versions of this ROM – t6, t6vzw, and t6spr. The CyanogenMod G+ post will explain which models are which.


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