ChargeAll claims to be the worlds smallest portable power outlet


In the world of smartphones and tablets, battery life is king. For that reason alone, portable chargers are already a hot commodity. Among your portable charger options, ChargeAll, a company that provides charging stations for offices, restaurants and hotels, claims to stand out from the rest with what it calls the “smallest portable power outlet” you can buy. ChargeAll’s claim comes entirely on the back of another: the ChargeAll portable power outlet is the first portable charger that boasts a wall power outlet, eliminating the problem of needing to search for one in an airport or cafe.

If you’re looking for a way to charge your Apple devices in the simplest, most hassle-free way possible, you may want to check out the new Kickstarter project, MOS Reach. Acting as an extension of the traditional wall outlet, MOS Reach is a rectangular device that includes a standard socket alongside two 3.1 amp USB ports — giving you enough power to charge both your iPhone and iPad simultaneously. For table-top charging, micro-suction pads allow users to easily secure their MOS Reach in place, while also detaching to let them re-position the MOS Reach whenever they feel like it. As one final neat design touch, the side of MOS Reach features two built-in magnets, which let users secure their Lightning-USB cables to avoid having leads dangling messily from the device when they’re not being used. The product comes with adhesive pads which can secure the device to a wall (thereby giving you easier access to power) and are strong enough to support the three-prong charging bricks that come with a device like the MacBook Pro.

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