An extensive hands-on video of the BlackBerry Passport has been leaked


BlackBerry has got people talking with whatever information it has shared about its upcoming high-end smartphone called the BlackBerry Passport. So far the company has unveiled some of the major features that this device has, including but not limited to a touch enabled keyboard. A video has been posted online which stars a leaked unit of the Passport and it gives us an idea of how webpages render on the device’s square display and more importantly how the keyboard can be used to scroll. The company itself has detailed the touch enabled keyboard on the Passport in a lengthy blog post. It has never been done before on a BlackBerry so it would be something new for the fans of this company. Combine that with BlackBerry’s predictive typing technology and users might be in for a wonderful typing experience.

Thanks to its unique look and ambitious QWERTY keyboard, the BlackBerry Passport is one of the most intriguing handsets that has yet to be announced. With a 4.5 inch screen, and resolution of 1440 x 1440, the Passport presents a boxy look, with a very high pixel density. The phone offers 3GB of RAM and is powered by a 3450mAh battery. With BlackBerry 10.3 under the hood, the device comes out of the box with BlackBerry Assistant. This is the platform’s answer to Siri, Cortana and Google Now. On Friday, someone uploaded a video to YouTube that not only shows the BlackBerry Passport in action, it also shows how the physical QWERTY doubles as a touchpad. We’ve already told you that you can scroll web pages on the screen, by brushing your finger lightly over the keyboard. The video below shows this feature at work. Passport users are also able to double tap the keyboard to position the cursor precisely where they want it. BlackBerry CEO John Chen must be pleased with the buzz created by the Passport. The phone is expected to be launched sometime in September, which means it will face competition from both the Apple iPhone 6and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Is the BlackBerry Passport up to that challenge?

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