The LG G3 has scored an 8/10 for repairabilty


When it comes to choosing a smartphone, there are many factors taken into consideration. For those who are planning to use their phones for years to come, as opposed to switching on an annual basis for the latest and greatest, having a phone that can be repaired easily and affordably is key. In the past we have seen how some smartphones have been rated pretty low when it comes to their repairability, but the good news is that if you had your eyes on LG’s latest and greatest smartphone, the LG G3, you might be interested to learn that the folks at uBreakiFixhave found that the LG G3 scores pretty high in terms of repairability.

Some guys like red-heads, others have a thing for curves. This guy? Well, I like to watch high-end smartphones strip down in front of the camera. I know, it’s an rare fetish, but luckily one the folks at uBreakiFix were happy to accommodate. These fellas, who specialize in smartphone repairs, were able to get their hands on the Korean version of LG G3 and after probing it with all their specialty tools, stripped it down to just its bare parts for all to see. When all was said and done, they lit up a cig and gave the LG G3 an impressive 8/10 repair-ability rating. They were even nice enough to list off some of the hardware found on the LG G3′s motherboard. Because LG went with several “contact-style” connectors in the G3 instead of traditional flexes, this should help make the phone easy on repairmen to fix whatever problems may arise (like a broken LCD/digitizer). Make sure to check out the full gallery over on their site, linked below.

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