Samsung is reportedly looking to acquire the company behind Apple’s Siri


Nuance Communications, the company behind Apple’s mobile assistant Siri, is reportedly in talks with Samsung regarding a potential sale of the firm. According to the Wall Street Journal, which cited sources familiar with the matter, Nuance has held talks not only with Apple’s rival Samsung, but a number of private equity firms. It is not known how far the talks have progressed, or if a deal is close to being reached. The Burlington, Massachusetts-based company develops speech recognition software and voice-based technology used in devices including GPS systems, smartphones and television sets. Nuance technology is behind Apple’s Siri, and is also used in Samsung products.

Speech-recognition software maker Nuance Communications Inc. has held discussions with potential suitors regarding a sale of the company, according to people familiar with the matter. The Burlington, Mass., company has recently spoken about a possible sale of the company with Samsung Electronics Co. and private-equity firms, some of the people said. It isn’t clear where sale talks, some of which happened earlier this year, currently stand or if they will lead to a deal. Nuance develops voice-powered technology used in mobile phones, televisions and GPS navigation devices. Last September, Nuance said its voice and language technologies, which are already used in Samsung’s handsets, televisions and tablets, would also be used in the South Korean company’s wearable devices. Its technology is used in Apple Inc.’s Siri. The company had a market capitalization of about $5.5 billion before The Wall Street Journal reported the talks. Nuance shares rose sharply on the news.

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