Is Bitcoin the future of currency?


Is bitcoin the currency of the future?  Before you roll your eyes and click away, consider this: all currency is valuable because we agree it is, and bitcoin is no exception.  The value of bitcoin has wavered wildly since it began, but as it gains popularity the value will stabilize.

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Bitcoin can be a useful tool for people who don’t have consistent access to traditional banking systems, since all that is required to own bitcoin is to have access to the internet.  It also doesn’t punish users for being poor like traditional banking systems- it is a truly level playing field.  It is more risky than a traditional banking system since there’s no oversight or regulation, but many people find the anonymity refreshing.

How much do you know about bitcoin?  Test your knowledge against the information in the handy infographic!  You may decide that bitcoin is something you’d like to try out.

is bitcoin the future of currency

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