Intel will be powering over 130 new tablets this year


It’s obvious Intel wants to be inside your next tablet. But odds are, it isn’t: Revenue for the company’s mobile division was down an alarming 61 percent in the first quarter. And while the future still doesn’t look too promising for Intel-based smartphones, the outfit thinks it can at least make some progress on the tablet front. The company has just announced that it expects 130 Intel-based Android and Windows slates to debut this year, with at least a dozen launching here at Computex. If that sounds like a big number, it is: At last year’s keynote, Intel promised just 30 tablets for 2013. 

Intel President Renee James announced today at the Computex computer trade show in Taiwan that Intel processors will be used in 130 new Android and Windows tablets in 2014. More than a dozen of those are launching at Computex, according to James’ keynote speech. Those machines will reflect the growing diversity of the machines that handle our daily computing and communications tasks. Intel’s No. 2 executive said that those who are predicting that the computer has hit the end of the road — because of the disruption brought by mobile devices — have always been wrong. While Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference revealed the latest about iPhones and Macs, the Computex trade show will show us more about the future of mainstream computing devices — at least that’s Intel’s view. James also showed off some brand new technology, including an Intel processor that will be the world’s first made with 14-nanometer manufacturing technology. “Innovation waits for nobody, and stops for nothing,” James said.

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