BlackBerry Blend software has been demonstrated in a new video


Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could sync your emails, BBM, and text messages from your BlackBerry handset onto a piece of software on your computer? Well apparently BlackBerry thinks so as well and while they have yet to unveil the software in full, a video of BlackBerry Blend has made its way onto the internet. For those unfamiliar, BlackBerry Blend is a software that has been referenced several times in previous BlackBerry OS 10 betas. In fact it was even talked about a couple of times during BlackBerry Enterprise events. What the software does is that it helps bring some BlackBerry functionality from your phone onto your computer.

If you’ve been following BlackBerry rumors then BlackBerry Blend is a product name you’re likely familiar with. It’s been showing up in BlackBerry OS leaks pretty much forever now, it’s been shown off at Enterprise events and heck, we’ve even got to play around with a few demos of it here and there. The problem with it though, is the BlackBerry is saying nothing about it and are letting the rumors and leaks do all the talking. Now, yet another piece of info has apparently leaked out and this time around it’s the alleged retail demo for BlackBerry Blend. Have a look for yourself. If you’ve not been following the rumors, the video will explain what we’re looking at here. Although I’m not sure what the hold up is on announcing this, the whole ‘Mobile First’ idea BlackBerry has mentioned surely has something to do with it.

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