Apple is reportedly releasing “Sports” and “Designer” iWatch versions


Apple’s iWatch is certainly shaping up to be a highly-anticipated device. Just last week we heard multiple rumors about said device, such as how it will come in multiple screen sizes and that it is currently being tested by pro athletes in order to fine tune its health/medical features. Now according to a report from Pocketnow, they claim that the iWatch will come in two different models. This is according to their source who has informed them that one of the alleged models will be designed for the fashion-conscious wearer in mind. It is rumored to feature a round watch face, much like the Moto 360, and a metallic wrist band that will most likely be made from materials such as stainless steel, which seems to be pretty common as far as watches are concerned.

Rumors continue to arrive regarding what we can expect from Apple’s iWatch in the coming months. We’ve already heard that the company is working on a probable October launch, and we’ve also heard of sports celebrities wandering the Apple campus, aside from other rumors that there will be two variants of the iWatch. If you’re wondering what these two variants are, and what they’ll do, you’ve come to the right place. A source familiar to the matter has just shared that Apple is already testing two iWatch models with very different designs. There is a “Sports” model, which apparently has a rectangular design and a rubber bracelet. This model was reportedly being tested recently by Kobe Bryant at the Apple campus, and what’s most interesting is that it apparently looks like any other watch on the market. The report also mentions that there is a “Designer” variant of the iWatch which has a circular design and a metallic construction that’s most probably stainless steel. This model is reportedly being tested by Dustin Brown and Bubba Watson, and just like the Sports model, it’s hard to tell this watch apart from any other watch on the market.

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