Anonymous social networking app Secret has a new “Dens” feature


After opening up its platform to encourage worldwide exploring on Android, anonymous sharing app Secret has announced a new way for users to tailor their experience around private groups. The company announced the new feature, called “Dens,” on Monday via blog post. With a den, users will be able to keep their anonymous secrets to the confines of a particular workplace or school. “Our invite-only pilot of Dens follows an experiment at Secret HQ, where the 16 of us can share anything and everything we want  — just with our team,” the blog post said. “After enjoying our inside jokes, updates and secrets in our Den over the last month, we’re confident that any company will love having one of its own.”

Anonymous social networking app Secret, a popular watercooler for Silicon Valley gossip, and now, much more thanks to recent expansions, has just announced a new feature called “Secret Dens,” which is focused on anonymous sharing in the workplace or in schools. The idea, explains the company via blog post, is to “share anything you’re thinking — kept within the walls of your workplace.” In other words, these internal Secrets wouldn’t ever spread more broadly to the wider Secret network. The feature is still in private beta, and has been tested at Secret’s headquarters where the now 16-person team has been sharing inside jokes, updates and more over the past month. Now, they say, the pilot project is beginning to roll out to a few other companies, but the eventual goal is to make “Secret Dens” available to more companies, universities and organizations in the future. The move comes at a time when other anonymous networking apps have taken off with the same demographic that Secret itself is targeting, most notably Whisper and YikYak, the latter of which faced a surge of growth, but also large-scale cyberbullying thanks to its pickup in schools.


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