AMD’s new FX-series processor comes bundled with a liquid cooling system


While the FX-9000-series central processing units from AMD has not really become popular, they demonstrated AMD’s desire to compete for the high-end of the desktop market. On Friday the company reaffirmed this and said that it would release a new AMD FX central processing unit, possibly, to offer an alternative to Intel’s new chips code-named Devil’s Canyon. Roy Taylor, vice president of global channel sales at AMD, on Friday published a teaser on his Twitter. The post contains a picture of an FX processor packaging, which is vastly different from packages that AMD currently uses for its FX product line. The label on the box says that it contains an “FX-series processor with liquid cooling technology.” The teaser is entitled with the phrase “something new is coming.”

As Intel has its Extreme Edition CPUs aimed at gamers with way too much money, AMD has the FX series. Both chips are the top of the line on the desktop offering bleeding edge of performance for the most performance-obsessed of gamers. Intel really took a leap forward with its Devil’s Canyon processor, and now it looks like AMD is preparing its rebuttal, with a twist. Roy Taylor, vice president of global channel sales at AMD, on Friday sent out a very interesting tweet. The post shows a (slightly blurry) FX processor packaging that is very different from the usual FX packaging, not to mention is much larger, and says “FX-series processor with liquid cooling technology.” Taylor added “something new is coming.” Semantics are important here. AMD is calling this new product a “processor,” not an APU, which are its CPUs with integrated GPU technology. The FX chips have always been just CPUs, no on-board GPU cores. One site, X-Bit Labs, claims sources say the chip is a new multi-core CPU aimed at high-end desktops that is fully unlocked, meaning it’s meant for overclocking, and comes with a closed-loop liquid-cooling solution. The last time AMD updated its CPU roadmaps, it listed the Performance category as second generation FX designs using the “Vishera” design and the “Piledriver” microarchitecture. That’s not a good sign, in my opinion, because the Vishera design has been around since 2012, and who introduces a new CPU with a two-year-old microarchitecture? Well, apparently AMD.

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