Adobe is trying to capitalize on Apple’s discontinuation of Aperture


Earlier in the week Apple confirmed that it is stopping development of Aperture for OS X. This is being done due to the introduction of the new Photos application and iCloud Photo Library, shown off at WWDC 2014 as apart and parcel of OS X Yosemite. Those who used Aperture might now look to other software even though Apple might believe they have no need to. Adobe seeks to bring the professional Aperture users into the fold of its software. Soon after Apple’s confirmation Adobe released a statement recommending an “Aperture or iPhoto customer looking for change” to try out its new Creative Cloud Photography plan that was announced last week, or its standalone Lightroom application for desktop as an alternative.

Following Friday’s announcement that Apple would discontinue both iPhoto and Aperture in favor of OS X Yosemite’s new Photos app, software giant Adobe chimed in to tout its “rich roadmap” for Lightroom — Aperture’s main competitor — and to reiterate the company’s commitment to Apple-based photographers. “Put simply we’re doubling down on our investments in Lightroom and the new Creative Cloud Photography plan and you can expect to see a rich roadmap of rapid innovation for desktop, web and device workflows in the coming weeks, months and years,” Adobe digital imaging executive Winston Hendrickson said in a blog post. Lightroom, which first saw stable release in 2007, has sapped a number of former Aperture users in recent years as Apple’s offering seemed near-abandoned. Lightroom is available as part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud Photography subscription program, which gives users access to the latest versions of Lightroom and Photoshop CC for $9.99 per month. That will represent a steep step up in cost for Aperture users, who have been able to purchase recent copies of the software for just $79.99.

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