Samsung won’t be unveiling new products at its health-focused event


Samsung surprised us all when it sent out invitations for a health-focused event on May 28. The company just recently announced a trio of new wearable devices with built-in heart rate monitors and an emphasis on fitness tracking, but was a fourth device on the way? Apparently not, at least according to Samsung VP Stefan Heuser, who bluntly told Re/code, “It is not a product announcement.”

A lot of people assumed when they saw a teaser invite from Samsung for a May 28 event that the company was looking to launch some new health-care product just ahead of Apple’s developer conference the following week. Um, no. “It is not a product announcement,” Samsung VP Stefan Heuser told Re/code on Thursday. The key is understanding which part of Samsung’s labyrinthian organization is actually holding the event. Heuser is VP of operations for the Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center — a year-old Menlo Park, Calif.-based operation that partners with and invests in companies working on core, underlying technologies.

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