Japan Display is launching a new tablet display that uses “WhiteMagic” tech


Japan Display is a name that we are all familiar with, considering the number of various mobile displays that they have released in the past as well as enterprise-based displays that support high resolution and insane pixel densities. Well, in their latest effort concerning a new high resolution tablet display, it will rely on “WhiteMagic” technology that is said to deliver better visibility outdoors as well as a lower power consumption when one is indoors. WhiteMagic display technology has already been used in a smartphone before, with Sony’s Xperia P smartphone the first off the blocks to do so back when the 4” smartphone was introduced to the masses in 2012. 

Japan Display is introducing a new high resolution tablet display which uses “WhiteMagic” technology to offer better visibility outdoors and lower power consumption indoors. Sony’s Xperia P smartphone was the first device to feature a WhiteMagic display when the 4 inch phone was introduced in 2012. Now Japan Display is unveiling a larger, higher-resolution screen aimed at tablets. The new screen is a 7 inch, 2560 x 1600 pixel screen with 431 pixels per inch and 160 degree viewing angles. Since it’s a WhiteMagic screen, it has red, green, blue and white subpixels instead of the usual RGB arrangement. This allows it to provide the same level of brightness as a traditional display while using less energy in some situations. It also allows the screen to be up to twice as bright outdoors. Japan Display says the new screen also controls the backlight more efficiently than earlier WhiteMagic modules, offering up to 20 percent improvements in power consumption.

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