Details on Intel’s much-anticipated “Devil’s Canyon” CPU have been leaked


Intel has a couple of interesting processor SKUs set to hit the market soon, and while the company itself is keeping mum on them for the moment, the rumormill, as always, refuses to keep quiet. For enthusiasts, the dual “Devil’s Canyon” models will be of most interest, while for budget builders, the upcoming Pentium will be. Devil’s Canyon is a Haswell refresh targeting overclockers. The architecture under the hood remains the same as Haswell, but the package and thermal interface material are being upgraded for improved efficiency when the chip is being pushed to the limit. 

Information and pricing has been leaked for the upcoming unlocked Devil’s Canyon and Pentium anniversary processors from Intel. Two quad-core processors will be released as part of the Devil’s Canyon series, while the anniversary Pentium will be a low-end dual-core chip. Specifications who CPUs are said to be compatible with 8 and 9 series motherboards sine they are both LGA1150 sockets. Intel’s new Devil’s Canyon CPUs, an unlocked version of a Haswell processor, will be available in a Core i5 and Core i7 versions. These unlocked processors will be listed as the i7-4790K and i5-4690K according to information from Legit Reviews. Price difference for the processors featuring an improved thermal interface material isn’t too steep either. The Core i5 version is priced at $254, while the Core i7 is listed at $363.

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