Bounden is a new iPhone app that teaches you how to dance


Want to learn how to dance? Worried you might look silly if you attend a class? Well, now there’s an app for that. The app in question is called Bounden and it is created with the help of the Dutch National Ballet. Basically the idea is that it uses your iPhone’s gyroscope and requires the user to try to align the dots by holding your phone. The end result is the user recreating moves that have been choreographed by the ballet company’s Ernst Meisner. It’s a pretty cool idea and it looks like it could be a fun thing for couples to do together. 

Trying to align moving dots on an iPhone screen might sound like an unlikely way for a couple to learn some new dance moves, but that’s the idea behind the Bounden app – and it was apparently created with the help of the Dutch National Ballet. By holding the phone between you, and moving to align the dots, you end up recreating moves choreographed by the ballet company’s Ernst Meisner. We suspect a bottle of wine is a recommended option. The app costs $4 from iTunes. The developer is attempting to port the app to Android, but so far hasn’t been having much luck, finding that even premium handsets like the Samsung S4 had gyroscopes that either worked badly or were even faked by mixing accelerometer and compass data.

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