Nokia to provide 30,000 Lumia 925 handests to Spain’s CaixaBank


Nokia has announced its partnership with Spanish CaixaBank to deploy 30,000 Lumia smartphones to its employees. The deal includes the Lumia 925, after it was put under various testing programs. CaixaBank employees will have the option to upgrade their Lumia 925 to newer Nokia devices in the future. The company also says its employees will be given the opportunity to acquire Nokia phones for their personal usage as well as for family and friends.

BlackBerry used to be the platform of choice when it came to enterprises and governments, but perhaps with the Canadian company starting to lag behind the competition, businesses and governments started to swap them out for something a bit more modern. However it seems that Nokia (and we guess Microsoft by extension) has started to gain some traction in the business world with the Windows Phone platform as they have recently managed to sign Spain’s CaixaBank as a partner. The partnership will see Nokia provide the bank with 30,000 Nokia Lumia devices which will be distributed to the bank’s employees. The Nokia Lumia 925 will be the device of choice and it seems that employees will also get the opportunity to get a deal on the handset for their friends and family members who might be interested in it as well.


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