Microsoft has sold over 5 million Xbox One consoles


It seems Sony was prepared for Titanfall. The company’s PlayStation 4 video game console outsold Microsoft’s Xbox One, despite the latter device hosting last month’s best-selling gameTitanfall, according to data from NPD Group. It’s the third straight month PS4 topped Xbox One in U.S. sales. Earlier this week, Sony announced global sales of the PS4 topped 7 million. Guy Longworth, PlayStation’s senior vice president of brand marketing says the console was able to finish first for the month “despite continued supply constraints.”

Just the other day we reported that the Sony PlayStation 4 had managed to sell over 7 million unitsaround the world, but what about Microsoft’s Xbox One? The last we heard from Microsoft wasback in January where they announced 3.9 million units sold to date. However Microsoft has recently posted on its blog their latest figures and according to the company, they have managed to sell 5 million Xbox One consoles since its launch. However Microsoft did state that these sales were to retailers, so it does not necessarily mean that there are actually 5 million Xbox One consoles that have been bought be the end-user. In fact there is a good chance that number could be lower, but then again Microsoft would only supply their retailers with that many consoles only if they saw some kind of demand, right? Either way we guess it still does not match up to the PlayStation 4.

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