T-Mobile’s BlackBerry promotion prompts a 1500% increase in trade-ins


As you may recall, T-Mobile’s recent marketing efforts asking BBerry owners to switch to an iPhonedidn’t particularly go down well with Blackberry fans, or the Canadian smartphone company’s CEO. Of course, John Legere used the spat as marketing fuel and the carrier launched a special promotion offering BlackBerry handset owners the chance to trade-in their old device for $200.

Last month T-Mobile launched a new promotion, this time targeting BlackBerry owners with the promise of $200 in credit when they turned in their working handsets. With just a day until the deal is pulled from the table, T-Mobile Chief Marketing Officer Mike Sievert took to Twitter today to announce that it’s been a huge success, and that over the past two weeks the carrier has noticed 15x the trade-ins than before its most recent promotion. It’s particularly noteworthy because BlackBerry fans were the ones who were upset at T-Mobile in the first place, when the carrier initially called on BlackBerry owners to upgrade to an iPhone instead. Even BlackBerry CEO John Chen was upset with the move. T-Mobile reacted with an even better offer for BlackBerry fans, and said that they could upgrade to any phone, including a brand new BlackBerry. 

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