T-Mobile plans to upgrade its 2G network to 4G by mid-2015


T-Mobile isn’t slowing down when it comes to its network upgrade. The upstart wireless carrier said on Thursday that it plans to add 4G LTE to its slower 2G network, adding coverage and speed to additional customers. The company also reiterated its intent to use the wireless spectrum it is acquiring from Verizon to further expand its coverage later this year.

I’ve gotta give it to T-Mobile: they’re really doing a good job at this whole “Lets stop being awful” thing they’ve been up to lately. If you’ve been thinking about hoppin’ on board the T-Mo train but were worried their data speeds would suck in your area, good news: the company is pledging to have their entire network (or, at least, everywhere they offer even crappy 2G speeds, currently) up on 4G LTE by mid-2015. As it currently stands, T-Mobile’s LTE is live on less than half of their network. They should pass the halfway mark sometime this year, though — and the upgrades should be completely done within 12-15 months.


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